Pertl Ranch LLC, located in the smoky hills of Lucas, KS, is continuing to expand the farming operation. Pertl Ranch is eager to assist you in managing a farm plan.

Custom Hay

Industry leading new equipment helps us get in and out of hay fields quick!

Very few equipment breakdowns and a hardworking crew means your crop is harvested at peak quality for the best price possible.
Shares, per bale, or per ton pricing is available.

  • Alfalfa
  • Prairie Hay
  • Brome
  • Corn & Milo Stalks
  • Wheat Hay
  • Sorghum Sudan Grass (Feed)

Serving Ellis, Russel, Barton, Mitchel, Lincoln, Ellsworth, Reno, Rice, Kingman, Sedgwick Counties

Custom Planting

2018 planting ratesGive us a call

Contact Shane at (785) 483-1638 for a quote on your custom hay or custom planting needs.

Serving Ellis, Russel, Mitchel, Lincoln, Ellsworth Counties

Complete Farm Management

Contact us today about farm ground that you own and need a professional level farmer to manage it properly. We have options, as a land owner check out the chart below to see what fits your needs the best.