Pertl Ranch Feeders, located in the gently rolling hills of Hays, KS, recently performed top notch renovations to open the doors to an innovative new facility.

Dairy Heifer Development

Biosecurity is critical for a successful operation. Segmented facilities for dairy heifer development create an ideal environment to keep cattle safe and healthy.

We use dairy-specific low-stress handling techniques. Our facility design emulate modern dairy farms, making the transition of receiving your bred heifer back home go smoothly.

Beef Heifer Development

Years of experience in large scale beef breeding projects is on top of our resume.

We work with producers to set achievable goals to build a genetically superior cow herd. Save time, money, feed resources and facility space on your farm by letting us develop your beef heifers. We can take them from weaning into the developmental period past the post breeding days. Your heifers will return home safe with calf and ready for a stress free calving season.

Feel free to contact us about open placement opportunities.

The Technology Behind Our Operation

Proper administration, feeding and handling is our top priority.

Absolutely everything that happens to each animal is recorded and checked within our advanced computer system. This technology is linked to our drug administration records and bunk reader system to ensure each animal is healthy and receives individualized attention.

Cattle Health Comes First

BQA certification ensures all cowboys are raising cattle under optimum management and environmental conditions while practicing good record keeping and protecting herd health.

BQA Certified Cowboys on Staff

Pertl Ranch Feeders are conscious of animal welfare on a large scale. That’s why we implement veterinarian certified health protocols to help keep cattle well-being a top priority.